Creating the ultimate consumer experience is what Point 180 is all about. We are direct sales experts who specialize in building retail, event and consumer selling solutions designed to make your product the most prominent, recommended brand of choice. From in-depth strategic planning to increasing sell-through and brand awareness, Point 180 has outsourcing solutions to meet your needs.


Retail sales can be challenging, unless you rely on the people who do it well every day. From staffing busy store fronts to merchandising, Point 180 provides the experience to help launch retail efforts. Our approach is fully customizable and our best-in-class infrastructure and sales technology allows us to deploy solutions quickly and efficiently from big box retail to kiosks.


We focus on the brand experience with innovative and engaging event strategies that deliver lasting results. Every event is a selling opportunity. Our team members become the face of the brands they represent creating a phenomenal consumer experience. It's more than handing out samples and brochures, it's an opportunity to leave an impression that makes your brand stand out at the critical point of a buying decision.


Face-to-face selling is an effective way to boost your existing direct sales and marketing efforts. Our sales professionals will seamlessly integrate your product, service or brand with our proven sales methods. And, we use our proven approach to demonstrate the many benefits of a client's products and services directly to the consumer.